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Magnolias Residence
CDMX, Mexico

Based on an abstraction of the courtyard layout found in vernacular mexican architecture, the building closes within itself with an “L” shape configuration secluded from the revival architecture that surrounds it.
Instead of a typical backyard, the resulting garden becomes the epicenter of the house allowing a seamless indoor-outdoor transition with the public areas on the lower level.
The upper level contains the master bedroom, two secondary bedrooms and a family room with views of the courtyard and framed views of the exterior landscape.
The intersection of the two main volumes is pierced vertically by a void that works simultaneously as a light well and an enclosed staircase that connects with the garage located at street level.

Exposed concrete with wood strip forming
Travertine marble
Clear tempered glass
Wengue wood
Pumice (volcanic) rock
Alucobond panels