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Machu Pichu

This is a prototype model of lodge housing for worldwide use, its main purpose being the enjoyment of the landscape and environment, not the level of comfort it brings.
Within this scheme, the refuge is more a place to be, rather than a place to be in: of enjoyment of the context before the enjoyment of the infrastructure. In this way the environment is freed of excessive contaminating residues produced by the heavy rotation of visitors. Higher value is placed on the temporary and active experiencing of the event itself (sunrise at the ruins) rather than on the efficiency and complexity that the installations may offer for a longer term stay.
This shelter attempts to become a next generation lodge, presenting itself as a self sustaining refuge whose service plan is based on contemporary parameters of “zero ecological impact”. It will promote a new kind of habitability, such as self service or self generation of energy; of basic maintenance, with a minimal team of employees for cleaning and medical needs; and the virtual elimination of waste residue through communal hygienic facilities, classification of residue according to biodegradability, and use of clean energy sources.
The goal of this shelter is to promote a new model of lodging in which tourists, with a minimum of luggage, can enjoy a clean, safe and economical place where they can spend a night and wake up in front of Machu Picchu, making their stay something ephemeral and passing, but, precisely because of this, much more transcendent and vital.